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TitleNameAcademic InterestPhoneFAXEmail
Assoc. Prof.Daisuke KITAZAWAMarine food and energy production with ecosystem preservation6656(Komaba) 6966(Kashiwa)6657 6967dkita
Assistant Prof.Takero YOSHIDAMarine food and energy production with ecosystem preservation69676967tyoshida
Assistant ClerkAya FURUICHIAdministration6656(Komaba)6657ayafuru
Assistant ClerkRyoko KishimotoAdministration69676967ryokok
Project ResearcherJialin HANMotion-controlled ship with wave energy harvesting69676967kankarin
Project ResearcherQiao LIEnvironment-friendly aquacultural engineering, Wave power generation 69676967liqiao
GradeNameAcademic InterestPhoneFAXEmail
D1Jinxin ZHOUNumerical simulation towards the ecosystem of Integrated Multi-Trophic Aquaculture(IMTA)69676967jxzhou
M2Qiaochu CHENAnalysis of image of fishes69676967qcchen
M2Xue ZHOUAnalysis of motion of flexible hoses69676967xuezhou
M2Shuai YUCage installed at various depths69676967shuaiyu
M2Akito MOCHIZUKIFishing boat with wave energy absorber69676967akito
M1Sang Gyu PARKEcosystem simulation of deep lake and seashore69676967psg6709
M1yue LITBD69676967yueli
Int. Stu.Guanglei XUTBD69676967glxu
TitleNameAcademic InterestPhoneFAXEmail
Senior CollaboratorYoichi MIZUKAMIFisheries engineering and dynamics of fishing gears69676967-
Senior CollaboratorAkira KUROSAKILinear type wave energy converter6762--
Senior CollaboratorShinichi TAKAGAWALinear type wave energy converter6762--
Senior CollaboratorTakashi KAWAGUCHILinear type wave energy converter6762--
Research Fellow(Kogakuin Univ.)Akihisa KONNOIce-breaking ship---
Assoc. Research Fellow(Nihon Univ.)Kyoichi OKAMOTOWater treatment---
Research Fellow(Shanghai Ocean Univ.)Junbo ZHANGSimulation on sustainable aquaculture technology---
Graduate yearNameTitle of the thesisPhoneFAXEmail
Assistant Prof.(2015)Masatoshi FUJINODevelopment of new electrodes for electrolysis---
2005(B)Hitomi ISHIZUKAA feasibility study of turbulence models for numerical simulation of physical environment in Lake Biwa---
2006(M)Shuhei FUJIMOTOStudy on an individual-based model for blue mussels and their aquaculture---
2007(M)Nobuyuki YAMAYOSHIPrediction of the benthic environment in the pond for shrimp cultivation by numeircal simulation---
2007(B)Kazuya CHIBAThe effects of puddle wheel aerators in the pond for shrimp aquaculture---
2007(B)Yudai UENOTreatment of waters for aquatic life by electrolysis---
2008(M)Tomoyuki TSUNODAStudy on the motion of a feeding buoy and a mooring system using submerged floats---
2008(M)Jing YANGNumerical simulation on circulation and stratification structures in the Caspian Sea---
2008(B)Hiroshi MIZUKUKIImprovement of water quality by electrolysis using carbon electrodes---
2009(M)Shunsuke AOBADevelopment of the treatment of waste waters by electrolysis using carbon electrodes---
2009(M)Masamitsu KAJINAMINumerical analysis of the effects of eutrophication and climate change on water quality in deep lakes---
2009(B)Hirosuke HIRANOImprovement of water quality by electrolysis using carbon electrodes - On the minimum electric current to decompose dissolved inorganic nitrogen - ---
2011(M)Toru YAGIReverse simulation for specifying the source of pollutant in marine environment ---
2012(D)-Kinoshita Lab.Sho ITOStudy on hydrodynamic characteristics of net-like structure with elastic deformation---
2012(D)Md. Nazrul ISLAMModeling for predictive assessment and mitigation of cyanobacteria toxins in a eutrophic lake ---
2012(M)-Kinoshita Lab.Takafumi KONDOPrevention of bio-fouling to fishing nets by electrochemical methods---
2012(M)Hiroki SHIMIZUStudy on mooring system of fish cage installed in variable depths---
2013(M)Buntaro MURATAAnalysis of motion of automated net-hauling system in set net fishery---
2014(D)Junbo ZHANGNumerical analysis of integrated multi-trophic aquaculture for biomitigation of marine ecosystem---
2014(M)Kentaro CHIMURAMotion analysis of resonance type wave energy converter---
2014(M)Sayuri TAYAAssessment of motion of marine animals around tidal or oceanic current turbine---
2014(B)Mikihiro HIRATSUKAWater treatment by electrolysis using carbon-enclosed electrodes---
2014(Pro. res.)Nobuo TANIGUCHIRemote islands development by ocean energy in Kozu Island---
2014(JSPS res.)Md. Nazrul ISLAMAssessment of the impacts of toxic materials on marine ecosystem by MEC and ECOPATH coupled model in Kamaishi Bay---
2015(B)Kenji KATAGIRIWater treatment by electrolysis---
2016(Int. stu.)Khaled EREQVibration mitigation of high speed ship---
2016(Pro. res.)Junbo ZHANGAutomated net-hauling system of set net fishery / Wave energy harvester---
2016(Pro. res.)Makoto KANEHIRAInnovation of salmon aquaculture in Tohoku---
2016(D)Jialin HANMotion-controlled ship with wave energy harvesting---
2016(M)Marin DOHIAutomated net-hauling system---
2016(M)Hirotaka NAKASHIMAOffshore cage in variable depths---
2016(B)Kensuke KAWABEWater treatment by electrolysis---
2017(Visiting Associate Research Fellow)Lili LIUDynamics of fishing gears---
2017(M)Sota KANNOFishing boat with wave energy absorber---
2017(Assistant Clerk)Hiromi HATAKEYAMAAdministration---
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