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We study on the technologies of food and energy resources utilization in harmony with marine environment and ecosystem . Based on hydrodynamic, water tank test, numerical analysis, and field test are carried out to reveal the motion and the safety of floating platforms, and the interaction between the platforms and ecosystem. Especially, we focus on the motion analysis of flexible structures and water tank test using aquatic organisms. These research methods are validated by the field test.

Daisuke Kitazawa, Center for Integrated Underwater Observation Technology, Institute of Industrial Science, The University of Tokyo
(Department of Systems Innovation, Graduate School of Engineering, The University of Tokyo)

Models of our laboratory in actual sea

Submergible cage using flexible hoses

studyA general cage made of polyethylene pipes could be submerged successfully by injection and ejection of air in flexible hoses in the pipes. We could prolong the aquaculture period and adjust the shipment time by culturing silver salmon at 10 to 20 m below sea surface, where water temperature is lower by 2 or 3 degrees than that at sea surface.

Motion controlled ship with wave energy harvester

studyMotion controlled ship with wave energy harvester was developed and its sub-scale model was tested in the real sea. The ratio of harvest of wave energy to improvement of comfort can be varied as necessary. The developed ship will be widely applied to fishing vessels for reduction in energy consumption, to working boats for acculate operation, and to pleasure boats for leisure. Visit the web site which introduces this project.

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