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Innovative seafood production system

The consumption of seafood is increasing in the world. On the other hand, the production of seafood continues declining in Japan due to its inefficiency. For effective and sustainable seafood production, offshore submergible aquaculture system and automated net hauling system of set net fishery are developed to reduce the danger and labor of local workers.

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Environmental impact assessment and ecosystem simulation for lakes and coastal seas

A wide variety of environmental problems arises in the world lakes and coastal area. A hydrodynamic and ecosystem coupled model is developed to understand the physical, chemical, and biological processes in aquatic environment. The effects of eutrophication and climate change on the ecosystem are examined for Tokyo Bay, Lake Biwa, Lake Kasumigaura, the Caspian Sea, aquaculture pond, etc. Then the measures to these problems are propopsed and their effects are predicted by numerical simulation.

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Marine renewable energy

The development of marine renewable energy is active all over the world. Focusing on the wave energy, the efficiency of converter is improved and its application to the fishery or the other sectors are discussed.

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Aquatic environment preservation by an electrochemical method

An electrochemical method is expected to be one of the preservation methods of aquatic environment. The electrolysis produce hydrogen and oxygen, which are supplied for energy use and for hypoxic or annoxic water, respectively. It can degrade inorganic nitrogen which causes eutrophication in lakes and coastal seas. Charcoal enclosed and dielectric electrodes are developed to suppress the consumption of these electrodes.

The list of each research project (under construction)

  • Carbon enclosed electrode
  • Dielectric electrode
  • Prevention of biofouling to fishing nets
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