Complex Fluid System Modelling

This course introduces a fundamental concept and knowledge of mathematical modeling of complex fluid systems related to the design of transportation system, the prediction of ocean environment, etc. The basic equations and the general concept of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) are introduced: basic concepts of fluid flow, finite difference scheme, solution of linear equation systems, methods for unsteady flow, etc. The CFD technique is then applied to large-scale fluid systems. This course is basically provided by English language, with Japanese language for key technical terms. Grades are given based on short homework and the final report.

225-AprilBasic concepts of fluid flow
32-MayApproximation of the spatial derivative
49-MaySolution of linear equation systems
523-MayApplication to diffusion equation
630-MayMethods for unsteady flow
76-JuneApplication to transport equation
813-JuneSolution of the Navier-Stokes equation
920-JuneStudy time
1027-JuneTurbulence flows
11 4-JulyLarge-scale fluid systems
1211-JulyApplication to complex fluid systems
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