Representative Facilities



The picture shows our laboratory (De-208). The left-hand side is a space for students, and the righe-hand side is a space for meetings. The end of the room is a waterproofing floor, in which a wavemaking tank, a rotating tank and a fish tank are installed.

Wave-making tank

Our wave-making tank has a length of 7 m, a width of 1 m and a depth of 0.5 m. We can also tow a model of ships. The maximum wave height is around 5 cm. The wave-making tank is suitable for a concept model test using models of fishing gears with a scale ratio of 1:100. The motion of ships can be observed.

Rotating table tank

Rotating table tank has a diameter of 2 m. A video camera can be installed at the top, which rotates with the table. The rotating table tank is used to reproduce the current fields in lakes and coastal seas. The effects of earth's rotation can be taken into account by rotating the table at around a rate of 1 rpm.

Ocean engineering basin

Ocean Engineering Basin
Ocean Engineering Basin

Ocean engineering basin has a length of 50 m, a width of 10 m, and a depth of 5 m. The basin can create waves, currents, and wind. The basin locates in Chiba Experimental Station.

A prehab for electrolysis

A prehab for the experiments of electrolysis locates in Chiba Experimental Station.


We have the equipments (AWAC, JFE-advantec) for field investigation. Also we have several computers for numerical simulation.

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